FOCUS Program features author Taylor Pensoneau and myself 4/29/2012

Central Illinois author Taylor Pensoneau and I were guests on a program called “FOCUS” that runs every Sunday morning on Springfield, Illinois Radio WTAX hosted by Bob Murray. This was a free-wheeling discussion about writing, publishing, and all of the obstacles and headaches along the way.

Taylor is a well-respected author of biographies of famous (and infamous) Illinois politicians, like Richard Olgivie and Dan Walker. He is perhaps best known for his true-crime story “Brothers Notorious,” a riotous talk of a Jesse James-like family in southern Illinois known as the Shelton Brothers whose murderous exploits made headlines in the St. Louis area for decades.

If you are a fledgling writer, you may enjoy listening to this Focus installment, particularly to what Taylor has to say.

Listen to the Focus Program (4/29/2012) on WTAX

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