It’s Turkey Time!

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TO THOSE OF YOU who have been following me now for almost a year, thank you so much! I appreciate it. I hope my American friends have a terrific Thanksgiving; but for all of you–regardless of your country–I leave you with a gift: a list of the turkeys I have either reviewed or passed on this year.

Biggest Gobbler of the Year

The Family Corleone: A Prequel to the Godfather, by Ed Falco (Grand Central Publishing, 2012)

Gobble, gobble, gobble. See my review.

Two different blondes, two different endings

I DON’T REVIEW BOOKS  that don’t interest me; but sometimes I get galleys for books that I am intrigued by but which lose me along the way (usually up front or after about fifty pages). This doesn’t really make them turkeys, because some of you might find them fascinating. So I leave it to you whether you might want to give these books a try.

Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life of Elizabeth Montgomery, by Herbie J. Pilato (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, November 5, 2012).

The subject was an amazing woman, but Pilato’s style (which seems more academic than journalistic) and his penchant for details that I found uninteresting lost me after about 75 pages (I normally just stop at 50 — so there’s that!). But, for those who don’t find his style off-putting, the story of this daughter of Hollywood royalty who bewitched us all as Samantha might be well worth the effort.

The Empty Glass, by J. I. Baker (Penguin Group USA Incorporated, 2012)

No doubt a clever approach to the much ballyhooed story of the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe, The Empty Glass tells it from the point of view of a young coroner for whom something just doesn’t seem … right. I stopped after a while. Probably because I am tired of all things Marilyn, and the conspiracies that supposedly surrounded the entire era of all-things-Kennedy. I am fairly well certain that Oswald killed Kennedy, and Marilyn took too many pills.The simplest explanation is often the most likely. But that’s just my take. You might really enjoy this book!

Have a great weekend! And thank you again for stopping by to read my postings!


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