NEWS RELEASE  – June 16, 2012

Book by Springfield author now available on NOOK

More Information: 217 891 1943 or

Isaac Morris’ latest novel, Along the River Road, deals with an issue that many wish would just go away: Clerical abuse.  Published in early 2012, it is available in print and has previously been available in Kindle format. It is now available for owners of the Barnes & Noble NOOK devices as well.

Along the River Road deals with clerical abuse in the Catholic church. “This was a tough book to write,” Morris. “I was raised in pre-Vatican II Catholicism, where priests were a notch above the rest of humanity in our minds and hearts. Yet, among those individuals, the devil lurked.”

Along the River Road brings back Sister Margaret Donovan, who first appeared in Morris’ novel, The Absence of Goodness (2009). We find Donovan serving as Parish Administrator of a small parish in Jersey County, where she meets an elderly priest who has been assigned to serve her parish on weekends. There is much however that she does not know about the man—but some in her parish seem to remember too well. A suicide and the priest’s subsequent disappearance cause Margaret to recall her cop instincts in an effort to unravel the mystery along the River Road. In the process, she may become an accomplice after the fact.

“There is a message of hope and forgiveness under the surface of this story, “ Morris says. “Hope that people will not place blind faith in any human institution, and forgiveness for those who do and even for those who plied their evil on the unsuspecting for so many years.” One thing that is not a part of the message, Morris says, “is tolerance for it. That no one should have.”

Morris’ first novel, The Absence of Goodness, garnered praise from New York Times best-selling author Steve Thayer (Wolf Pass, The Leper), who called the book “a top-notch mystery … extremely well written, with fully-drawn characters and a fascinating story … just the right mix of murder, suspense, and theology.” Catholic web site reviewer Christy Isinger said, ”The detective turned nun, Margaret, makes a good main character and I would look forward to a series based on her cases.”

Along the River Road is available for NOOKs and in print from Barnes & Noble. The NOOK version retails for $2.99.  It remains available, as well, at Amazon. It is available in print from both retailers.

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